Which Bonus Slot Round is the Most Fun?

There are more bonus rounds available in slot games than ever before. These bonus rounds help create variety in gameplay and add to the overall fun a player has - play Wolf Gold slot.

What makes a Bonus Round Fun? 

A fun bonus round is something which can really affect a player's perception of a slot. If the base game is nothing special, a fun bonus round can completely change a players opinion of the game. Conversely, if the bonus round adds nothing to the entertainment factor of a slot, players will perceive the slot much more negatively. Many things can help to make a bonus round fun for players, they can provide unique gameplay that differs from the base game, use engaging visuals and provide great win potential. A bonus round needs to be fun in order for players to keep on triggering it over and over again, if a player doesn’t enjoy a bonus round, they will be less likely to trigger it again. 

Slots with Fun Bonus Rounds 

Fun bonus rounds can make a slot much more memorable, the following slot games have some of the most fun bonus rounds you can find. 

    Avalon 2 is a slot which was developed by Microgaming and it promises to take players on a mythical journey through Camelot. The fun thing about this slot is the range of bonus features which players can enjoy, with eight bonus games for the player to enjoy. These help create an immersive game for people.

    Gladiator features an alluring bonus round in the form of a generous progressive jackpot. This slot was developed by Playtech, it features wonderful graphics which perfectly capture the time period the slot is set in. All you need to trigger the progressive jackpot is nine golden helmets! 

Best Strategy to Trigger a Bonus Round 

Triggering a bonus round is not always easy, there are a variety of variables which can affect the outcome. Luckily, there are a few strategies that players can use to help them trigger a bonus round. 

  1. Demo slots - These free to play versions of regular slot games offer the perfect chance to practise triggering a bonus round for players who are finding it difficult. These slots don’t use any real currency so players won’t lose any money whilst they practise, however they also won’t win anything either. These slots offer the exact same gaming experience in terms of gameplay and design, the RTP and volatility levels are the exact same too!

  2. Look at the paytable. The paytable is a valuable resource for players, it contains all the vital information of a slot including it’s RTP and bonuses. The paytable also contains the exact conditions which are needed for a player to trigger a bonus, if a player is finding a particular bonus tough to trigger perhaps they should look over the paytable. 


Although the best bonus round is tough to say it is hard to argue that players won’t find at least one bonus round they enjoy in Avalon 2. There are eight different bonus rounds for players to choose from!

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