What are licensed slots?

There are many different slot types out there, one of the most popular slot types is the licensed slots games. These are specific types of slots that are essentially based on a pre-existing property. 

Licensed slots 

A licensed slot is also known as a branded slot, it is essentially a slot game which uses a popular brand as the basis for its design and theme. Often the brand themselves will commission the slot game, to try and increase popularity of the brand. Licensed slots come from a variety of places, however the most common are films, television shows and popular musicians. There are even some slot games which use celebrities as a basis. Licensed slots run the same as any other slot variation, with the added bonus of enjoying your favourite movie or television show alongside it. As these slots often use incredibly popular brands as a basis, they are often amongst the most well liked slots in an online casino.


A licensed slot is a popular form of the traditional slot game. It is very uncommon for a player to use an online casino and not find at least a few branded slots available to play. The following are some of the best branded slots that players can use. 

      Jurassic world - Developed by NetEnt, this slot is all about dinosaurs! Taking place in a jurassic park enclosure, players can expect to see all their favourite characters from the movie. With amazing bonuses and wonderful animations, this is a licensed slot game that players cannot miss!

      I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here - This slot was developed by Microgaming and it is based on the hit television show. Set in an alluring jungle setting, the graphics of this game really shine. 


As licensed slots are official products based on a property, they are the perfect way for fans to enjoy the property and slot games. There are many benefits that come with using these sorts of slot games, the best of which are listed below. 

      Official product - As the slot is licensed, this means that it is an official product. There is no better way to support your favourite properties than by using a licensed slot. This also means that the game is not counterfeit. This may sound strange but there are actually many counterfeit games out there which use licenses illegally, by using a licensed slot you are ensuring that you are on the right side of the law.

      Enjoyable games - One thing that these games have is a fun factor, this mainly comes from the fact that they are licensed products which use official characters and sounds from the property on which they are based. These games are especially enjoyable if you are a player who is a fan of the property itself, even those who aren’t fans will still find much to love about this game. 



Licensed slots are great for players who are fans of things like movies and television shows. They combined them into one great game!

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