Variance in Online Slots and its Role

Online slot variance, also known as slot volatility, is something that can make all the difference to your slot gambling career, however it is also something that a lot of people don’t know nearly enough about. And that is a shame, because slot variance can often be the No. 1 thing stopping gamblers from winning as much as they would like on slots. 

Luckily for us slot variance isn’t exactly the most difficult thing in the world to understand, keep reading for a bit about variance in application for mobile slots and its role. 

What is variance in online slots? 

Okay, first things first, so what is variance in online slots? Well, slot variance – also known as slot volatility – is a concept that ultimately refers to how risky an online slot game is to play. When we say risk here we basically mean how easy or hard it is for gamblers to win big or small, and also how easy it is for gamblers to lose big or small amounts too. 

As you can probably tell, slot variance is therefore an incredibly important thing to get to grips with, because otherwise you could easily make the wrong decision when it comes to which games to play. This is especially true when it comes to wagering, as the different levels of slot variance will have serious implications on how you should be betting too.

High variance versus low variance: Which one is for me? 

Oh yes, it really is essential to know about how each type of variance can change the way you need to be betting on slot games. For example, high variance slots are high volatile, which means that they are riskier to play than low variance slots. What this also means is that, whilst you could lose more money placing larger bets, huge bets are also rewarded much more than low variance slots. 

On the other hand, low variance slots will have a much better win-rate, however the amount will be a lot smaller. It therefore follows that high roller slot gamblers should play high variance slots, and low roller slot gamblers should stick with low variance slots. Simple!

Top tips to make the most out of slot variance 

Slot variance really genuinely doesn’t need to be too complicated, and once you have got your head around it there are several ways in which it can help you win at slots more. Here are some top tips to make the most out of slot variance: 

·         Bet high on high variance slots: If you are going to play high variance slots it would be a huge waste to use small bets, so we encourage you to place large bets on high variance games. Just remember to watch your bankroll and stay sensible, it is a risky tactic but it could really pay off massively!


·         Play the long game on low variance slots: With low variance slots you can end up winning a small fortune, but you have to be prepared to play the long game. Use smaller bet values and watch those small wins trickle in, after a while you would have amassed quite the fortune!

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