No Deposit bingo: Is it legal in the UK?

No deposit bingo is like stooping to pick up a penny and seeing it’s a pound. You get to play your favourite online slots game, all without spending any of your own cash. It’s like being offered a genuine freebie, and there aren’t many of them left in 21st century life anymore.

No deposit bingo is usually offered as a welcome package on a site. It’s a nice gesture to the person signing up to make them feel at home and to play a few games on the house, but only for a limited period of time. It’s likely that the offer will expire after a certain number of days.

What is no deposit bingo?

Before we discuss whether it’s legal or not, it’s important to know exactly what it is. No deposit bingo are games of bingo which don’t require you to deposit cash into your e-wallet before playing.

It’s as simple as that – you don’t have to pay for the scorecard you purchase. You’ll be credited with some cash and you can play a few games for free.

Can you win money on no deposit bingo?

This is a question often asked and believe it or not, there’s still some doubt over a clear answer. Technically, yes you can. Just like you wouldn’t pay to test drive a car, you wouldn’t pay your own money to test out whether a bingo site is right for you. It’s about bingo sites accommodating players to retain their custom.

However, the money you win will be subject to wagering requirements and withdrawal regulations.

The wagering requirements and withdrawal regulations

Unfortunately, no deposit bingo isn’t a far-off place somewhere over the rainbow. It’s here online, and sites still need to make a profit. That’s why there are caveats, terms and conditions.

These caveats may include things like being obliged to wager 2x the total amount of any bingo bonus. This means that if you were awarded a £50 bingo bonus, you’re obliged to wager £100.

What’s more, if you want to withdraw any winnings, you may have to start depositing a certain amount first.

Yes, it’s frustrating, but online bingo halls aren’t charities and giving every new player signing up free cash to win real money isn’t financially sustainable.

So is no deposit bingo legal?

There have been some changes in the UK gambling law which mean there are fewer of these freebie offers around on sites. This is to further protect under 18s and keep them away from gambling.

Obviously, if you don’t need to make cash deposits, you don’t need to enter your card details. This opens up a dangerous world for underage children who try to access free games on gambling websites.

However, you can still find some bingo games online that allow you to play with a no deposit bonus. You may just need to research a bit more into the different sites available online.


If you’re over 18 and you’re just looking around for a few games of free bingo, they’re out there and they’re still legal!

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