Is there a live caller at bingo online sites

“Up to tricks, 46!” “Two fat ladies, 88!” “Snakes alive, 55!” Bingo is famous for its bingo lingo. These are the rhymes or funny sayings which are traditionally announced by the bingo callers as numbers are drawn.  Nowadays, most bingo and slots like Gold Rush slot is played on online sites, and the numbers are not announced by live callers. But the game is still just as fun, and players will still be using the bingo lingo, don’t worry!

How are the numbers generated at bingo online sites?

In traditional land-based bingo halls, the bingo numbers are selected at random by drawing balls from the wire bingo cage. The number is then announced to the room by the bingo caller.

At online bingo sites the numbers are selected instead using a random number generator. The computer algorithms behind this technology ensure that the numbers which are selected in a completely random pattern. It mimics exactly what would happen if a live bingo caller were to be drawing the numbers in a bingo hall.

Online bingo sites refer to these random number generators as bingo call generators. As the number is selected, the bingo call generator will announce the result in a warm, clear, and understandable tone.

If there is no live caller, can bingo online sites be fixed?

Concerns have been raised that if you cannot physically see the numbers being drawn it’s possible for the bingo games to be fixed. However, a licensed online bingo site will never fix its games. All online bingo sites must use random number generators to call the numbers to ensure that all games are fair and transparent.  

However, it is very important that when you are playing bingo online that you are playing with a licensed operator. When deciding to register with an online bingo site look out for some of these key features:

·         Legitimate licensing – look out for the gambling commission logo!

·         A range of deposit methods

·         Easily contactable customer support

·         FAQs and Terms and Conditions pages

The first feature is the easiest way to be sure that you’re playing fair bingo. If the Gambling Commission has endorsed the site, you can be safe in the knowledge that even though you can’t see a live bingo caller drawing the numbers, the bingo you’re playing definitely isn’t fixed.

Will you miss the live caller?

The live bingo caller is part of the fun of bingo, right? Well, actually many bingo fans who play online don’t miss the live caller at all.

This is for a number of reasons:

1.  You don’t need to listen out for the numbers called, online the numbers will be automatically recorded

2.  So, you don’t need to be silent when you want to hear the numbers. You can carry on socialising with your friends using the online bingo chat features.

3.  Nobody is going to beat you to bingo!


So even though online casino sites do not have live callers, the use of bingo call generators actually makes the bingo even more fun! If you’re not convinced, try it out for yourself.

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