Importance of Graphics improvement at online slots

Gambling has been an important part of human life for several thousands of years, however it is only fairly recently that the gambling and casino industries have managed to flower into the behemoths that they resemble today. Seriously, the amount of money that things such as online slots from Star Slots bring in annually is absolutely bonkers these days, and it continues to grow exponentially as time goes on. 

Slot machines were always going to be successful, and we don’t think there was anyone that would really disagree with that. Charles D. Fey’s invention spread like wildfire in the decades after he first created it, however as soon as slot engineers created the RNG, and subsequently video slots, things got a whole load crazier. Read on for a discussion into the importance of graphics improvements at online slots. 

The early days: Slots without graphics 

First things first, in order to truly appreciate the importance of graphics improvements in online slots we first have to consider what the early days of slot machines looked like. Back in the late 19th century and early 20th century slot machines didn’t really have graphics so to speak, mainly because there were no digital screens. 

The closest that early slots could get to the graphics we all know and love today were elaborately hand painted symbols on the reels… oh how things have changed. 

Video slots in the 1980s 

Whilst slot engineers had the technology to install video screens on their machines quite early on, the main problem was that they could not figure out a way to make sure that the reels were still spinning randomly. With no mechanical reels they would have to find a new way of doing this, and eventually the RNG was born. 

The Random Number Generator provided the machination to make the reels spin randomly, and now slot engineers could install video screens. These video slots started appearing in the 1980s, and it was the first time that slot machines had digital graphics. 

The first online slots 

As you might well imagine, video slots caused a great deal of excitement due to the presence of digital reels and graphics, and this eventually translated into online slots. These games started appearing right at the beginning of the 21st century, and despite their immediate success the graphics weren’t exactly great. 

3D and HD graphic improvements in online slots 

Technology progressed incredibly quickly in the first decade of the 21st century, however, and before too long developers such as NetEnt were pioneering incredible 3D and HD graphics. This made a huge amount of difference to gamblers, and we can see a direct correlation in the increased number of slot gamblers alongside the consistent improvement in graphics. 

Virtual reality slots and the future


If there is one thing that is absolutely true of the online slots industry, it’s that it certainly does not hold back when it comes to making more improvements. Virtual reality slots are the next big thing on the horizon, where the graphics will get even better!

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