Highest winning prizes on live casino games

Every avid bettor knows that casino playing can be masked as a social area, club, and bar, but everybody is actually there because they want to secure those big wins. Whether you are a slot gaming punter, a high roller on the poker table, or all about that double or nothing in blackjack, you all share the one idea of securing those riches - click to visit OnlineCanadianCasino.

Sometimes, therefore, you need a little inspiration in the casino. We are here to clue you in to the highest winning prizes that the casino has to offer. We are not, however, talking about the physical casino, or even the online casino, but those live casinos where you play against your fellow big fish to take their stakes.

What games should you play at the live casino if you want to be in the high winners?

Some of you may already know all too well the games that get your bank account looking healthy, whereas some of you might just be stuck spinning that fateful leaver to decide, at random, how the rest of your day will turn out.

Here are the top live casino games that give you the highest wins online:

1.      Live poker – Everybody’s good friend, poker… well not for those small fry who go all-in when they have a two and a seven. Live casino games, like poker, allow you to be one of the highest winners because the prizes are consisted of what your spendy opponents are playing. Outwit them and take the loot!

2.      Live Roulette – Spinning wheels, fancy tablecloths, and a dealer with some kind of chip pulling device (what are those things?). Live roulette has the highest prize of 30x what you place down, so if you were lucky enough for that ball to land on your lucky 7s then you will be laughing all the way home!

3.      Blackjack – If you are good at reading cards then you might have a secure chance at winning the high prize in live blackjack. On top of this, you are against the dealer, so you had better brush up on your psychology reading as you are going to have to start looking at those little mouth twitches!

So, why not take a break from those slot games to try your hand against other players in live casino games?

What should you avoid when aiming for the highest prize in the live casino?

As every well seasoned high roller will know, you do not just have to play the live casino games because you have to play well to win those high prizes. Here are just a few tips, from us pros, that you need to follow in order to keep at the top of your live casino game:

·        Make sure that you are paying attention to your opponents’ moves.

·        Be smart with your betting, it is not always about going all in!

·        Play within your means and, most importantly, be confident in your game… that is how you separate the schmucks from the pros.

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