Guide To Online Slots

Everything You Need To Know Before You Start Betting 

When it comes to betting on online slots you can either dive right in or take a more cautious approach. The latter is probably best and this involves some careful planning and research. However, there really isn’t a right or wrong way of beginning your slot adventure at and even those who throw caution to the wind, can still win because of the totally random nature of slots. 

Slots were invented in 1895 and throughout history they have had change forced upon them, either by gambling bans or by huge advances in technology. It wasn’t until 1996 when slots appeared in the form that will still play them in today. What the move online did was to make slots more widely available to the public and this is the main aspect behind their success.  It proves that the public have always been interested in slots but where not happy playing them in traditional gambling environments such as betting shops. But when slots arrived on the internet they took off, because punters could play them from the comfort of their own homes. 

The modern slot is far more immersive than before and it utilizes animation and digital sound for an exciting gaming experience. Slots have moved away from traditional symbols and they now boast a huge variety of different ones. If slots are based on film and TV programs then the stars of these hits fill the reels. Slots payout huge prizes now too, thanks to progressive jackpots. 

Slots Terminology You Should Know 

Slots have developed their own language and two terms that constantly crop up whilst playing slots are RNG and RTP. The RNG or Random Number Generator is a microchip that all digital slots use to create spins. The generator’s purpose is to ensure that spins are random and not fixed in any way. This is achieved when the RNG creates millions of number sequences that are translated into millions of spins across all games on a casino platform. It is all down to pure luck, whether a decent set of spins or a series of bad ones land in your lap. 

The RTP refers to the Return To Player percentage score of each slot. This is basically the percentage that a player can expect from their stake, to be returned to them over a period of thousands of spins. All slots give the house an edge over punters but playing slots with high RTP scores can increase your chances of winning. 

Other Useful Things You Should Know 


If you are ready to take slots for a spin then make sure you join a casino that is licensed and registered by the UK Gambling Commission. This ensures that they abide by strict rules and regulations and offer a fair service to the public.  Finally, make sure you set the stake level to one you can afford and always check the value of the stake before you start betting with real cash.

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