Can I buy a slot and invite friends to play for real money?

Buying a slot is not impossible; you can have it in your house at your disposal whenever you wish to play it. The popularity and love that free slots games have gathered over the years is fuelled by the fun and the ease attached to playing it.

Having a slot machine at home will be a dream come true for many lovers of the slot. Imagine that you can bring the casino to your home and play your favorite slot game with your friends and family members. This is replicating the atmosphere of the casino right in your comfort zone.

Buying a slot machine

Lovers of the game of slot can decide to be collectors and have their slot games in their house. While many persons might want to possess it to have uninterrupted fun with their loved ones, some might want to own it to be collectors of antique items. Buying a slot is not a difficult thing to achieve as long as it is legal in the state in which one is a resident. To make sure that you do not run into trouble with the law and state authorities, the buyer should make himself familiar with the laws governing the private ownership of slot machines as well as the right to play it.

You can play, but not for real money.

The laws guiding the ownership of slots permit an individual to own a slot machine. The machine can be operated while in the possession of the buyer. The machine shouldn't be used for the purpose of gambling as it is considered a collector's item.

Even if you own a slot machine at home, using it to play for real money with friends and loved ones should be out of the question as it is not legal. Going against the laws of the state might lead to severe punishments. It is the general belief that personal ownership of slot machines shouldn't be for the purpose of gambling or money-making purpose, rather as a collector's item.

States and their law on personal ownership of machines.

We are aware that personal collection or ownership of slot machines is illegal in some states in the USA, while it is legal in some states. Below we will be looking at some states and their law concerning the ownership of slot machines.

Alaska: In Alaska, individuals can own slot machines. The machines do not have years of usage, or any form of restrictions as ownership of all types is legal.

California: Here, slot lovers can also own machines, but these machines must have been in use for 25 years or over.

Connecticut: This state does not permit the ownership of any type of machine irrespective of the period of usage. It is illegal and completely against the law to own it.

Colorado: In Colorado, you are allowed to own slots, but the machine must have been produced before 1984. Any other machine outside this category is considered illegal if owned.

 Georgia: The state of Georgia permits the ownership of machines that have been produced before 1950. Ownership of any machine outside this category is considered illegal.

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