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Bespoke Furniture

Style, design, and flare should be the starting point of every room, showing off and showcasing your flare and personality, whether in a living room, bedroom, or office environment. The upholstery experts at Alan Henderson & Son Upholstery understand how important it is to achieve design perfection. For this reason, they should be your first port call for all your bespoke furniture and bespoke restoration services for any of your design needs, new or old, just in need of a bit of tender loving care. The upholstery experts start your bespoke furniture design by stripping back the materials to the original frame and rebuilding from scratch the design and style you want. Not only can the team of upholstery experts work on all of your new projects, but they can also help with your antique restoration needs. Alan Henderson & Son's Upholstery understands the love and care it takes to undergo antique restoration projects, but you can trust them to restore your antique to its former glory. 

Local Upholsterers

Based in Skelton, the team of upholstery experts is locally based, working tirelessly to help you with all your bespoke furniture and reupholstering needs. They have access to a wide range of fabrics, meaning you won't be stuck for ideas regarding your bespoke upholstery ideas. The upholstery experts work with you to design bespoke furniture and bespoke reupholstering based on exactly what you want; being a local company means you can come and see the procedure as we go ahead with it if you have any concerns, leaving you with sometimes you are going to want to show off. Alan Henderson & Son Upholstery takes great pride in being a local team of upholstery experts, and we are happy to take on any projects you want to complete; not only can we provide services surrounding bespoke furniture and bespoke reupholstering, but we can also help you with commercial upholstering and classic car upholstery. 

Classic Cars

Bespoke reupholstering services need not be limited to furniture for your home or office; why not check out Alan Henderson & Son Upholstery to help you with your classic car upholstery needs? The service is offered to local clients and commercial upholstering clients. It can be anything from bespoke reupholstering seats in any vehicle to classic car upholstery; thebespoke restoration services team is dedicated to helping bring your vehicle back to life. The expert upholsterers can bring your car back to life, giving it a full makeover and restoring beauty and elegance through the classic car upholstery service at Alan Henderson & Son Upholstery. 

Get In Touch Today

The team of upholstery experts is here to help you bring your project to life, breathe air into an old sofa, or make you want to show off your new sitting room decor. Specialising in bespoke furniture, bespoke reupholstering, commercial upholstery services, bespoke restoration services, bespoke upholstery, commercial upholstering, classic car upholstery, and antique restoration. The Alan Henderson & Son Upholstery team should, without a doubt, be your first port of call whenever you need an upholstery company to help you bring a project to life. Working with a passionate, dedicated, driven team of upholstery experts, they are your one-stop shop for all things upholstery and reupholstery. Alternatively, they have a website with information regarding all the different Bespoke furniture and bespoke reupholstering they offer. Also, on the website, you will find a gallery full of projects that the team of upholstery experts has crafted previously; it also has reviews from happy customers who are raving about the work done through Alan Henderson & Son'sUpholstery. 



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