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Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanners & Fingerprint Readers with Software Development Kits (SDKs) for Computer security & UID Aadhaar project. Source Biometrics Security systems, Fingerprint Recognition, Face recognition & Iris Recognition technology products/service


Altair’s portfolio of Broadband LTE chipsets and Cellular IOT covers the full spectrum of application and use case connectivity, from speeds of hundreds of Mbps to tens of Kbps, from standby current of milli-Amps to micro-Amps

Fineline Global

Fineline Global, weltweit führender Anbieter von Leiterplatten. Seit über 15 Jahren fertigen wir individuelle Leiterplatten Lösungen für Kunden aus unterschiedlichen Marktsegmenten.

GIGA Calculator

A huge collection of over 150 online calculators and 150 unit converters: completely free to use. Mathematical, statistical, business and financial calculators. Health calculators. Metric and imperial unit converters.
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