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Temples of Uttarakhand

The different temples of Uttarakhand have made the state a major pilgrimage center of the Hindus.

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Indian Folk Music

Indian Folk Music is full of rustic charm. The appeal of Indian folk music lies in the simplicity of its style and lyrics. Most of the folk songs are accompanied by dances.

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Food in Ancient India, History of Indian Food

Food in Ancient India has been largely agro based as the society in India in the ancient times was primarily agro based. The food of ancient India reflects the culture of Indian people.

Indian Musical Instruments

Indian musical instruments can be broadly classified into four categories like stringed, wind, Ghana Vadya and percussion.

corporate gifts online

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Music Gharanas of Northern India

Music Gharanas of Northern India are the organizational systems that represent a particular style of music. They form an integral part of the Indian culture

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