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Watch Ramleela Konch on EPIC ON

This documentary is about Ramleela performed in the quaint town of Konch, Uttar Pradesh. It is a ten-day festival that celebrates the glory of this age-old mythological legend through a beautiful act that demonstrates the events described in the legend.

Watch Ramleela Mehatpur on EPIC ON

This is a narrative about the Ramleela art form performed in Mehtapur, Punjab. This documentary throws light on this mysterious event happening every year with the Lakshman Murksha act simultaneously.

Varanasi - The Immortal City

This film documents the spirit of Varanasi in all its glory. It elucidates more about the mythological significance of the city, its place in the pages of history, its cultural heritage and the lifestyle of the locals living there.

Telangana's Pride - Nagoba Jathara

This film talks about a very ancient tribe in India called the Raj Gonds who are more than 2000years old, who live in the state of Telangana Adilabad district.

Watch Time Machine - Season 1

Meet the trio, Adheer an ace thief, Roshni a history geek and Dev a ganglord in Gurgaon. A renowned scientist, Kartik Devraj, a.k.a KD captures the three and warns how theyd only be let free after the missions completion.

Watch Screenwriting on EPIC ON

This introductory class will take you through the screenwriting process and its different elements: Premise, Theme, Story, Character and Structure.

Watch The Great Escape - (English) - Season 1

Sushmita Banerjee is the story of a young Bengali girl who moved to Afghanistan after marrying a Pathan. Defying her parents, Sushmita eloped to her husband’s hometown only to discover that he was already married He soon abandoned her and left for Calcutta.

Watch Stories By Rabindranath Tagore - (Tamil)

Chokher Bali revolves around four vital characters Mahendra, his friend Bihari, his wife Ashalata and Binodini. One day, Mahendra receives a proposal of a young woman named Binodini but he doesnt show any interest.

Watch Made In India - Season 1

The Indus Valley Civilisation, circa 3000 years ago, created the first integrated city toilet system know to man. And yes, the toilets flushed How did they do it?

Watch Kahi Suni - Season 1

Sara explores the story of Sita-Haran, the kidnapping of Sita by demon king Ravana and the name that got forever attached to the place Nashik.
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