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Explosion-Proof Motors

YB2 explosion-proof asynchronous AC motor is a kind of motor that can be used in flammable and explosive places and does not generate electric spark during operation.

Slip Ring Induction Motor

YR series (IP44) slip ring induction motor is a general-purpose wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor. It is the latest design and updated product.

Shijiazhuang Prolin Plastic Products Co., Ltd

We have the following products:Disposable vinyl gloves, Disposable nitrile gloves, Disposable P.E gloves, Disposable Latex gloves.Our capacity of one day is about 3000ctn (3 millions ), P.E gloves is 10 times of others gloves listed above

Syed Natif Nawaz Brocade

cisco news press about Syed Nawaz is currently the IOS XE software development manager at Cisco Systems. And about Silicon Valley staffing agency Murugan is aged 46.

syed natif nawaz cisco

Jayavel Murugan is a federal grand jury CEO of Dynasoft Synergy and a second individual is Syed Nawaz. They have five year's experience with Cisco

Legend Polyfoams pvt ltd | EPE Foam Rolls | EPE Fo

We offer an extensive range of EPE Foam Rolls, Single, Bonded double layer rolls, EPE Foam Sheets

manufacturer and exporter of Polyetheramine Series

Hebei Houfa New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Industrial District, Hebei Province. We are professional manufacturer and exporter of Polyetheramine Series & E-100, Polyols & MDI, Flame Retardants and Fuel Additives etc.

Smart Touch Switch, Rfid Hotel Door Lock

Yorfan Technology Co., Ltd located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. Main products are: RFID card hotel door lock system, Bluetooth&wifi remote control door lock, Fingerprint door lock, hotel power saver switch, digital room number plate etc

Pvc Surgical Gloves, No Contact Thermometer, Kn95

Maysino Enterprise Co., Ltd.mainly products covering Hospital Equipment, Medical Devices, Medical Disposable / Consumable products, Surgical Dressings, Health & Home care products, Laboratory products, education products, pharmaceutical materials and chemical products

Slurry Pumps, Sewage Pump, Chemical Pump And Parts

Established in 2000, KATI is a professional supplier of slurry pumps, we can supply kinds of pump parts or OEM according to your needs. KATI has a complete turn key production and assembly capability.
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