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BJJ armbar techniques

the BJJ armbar technique is one of the basic submissions moves used largely by many fighters to win several matches at the top jiu-jitsu, UFC, MMA competitions.

Basic Jiu Jitsu Moves

Performing the basic jiu jitsu moves (ju jitsu moves) techniques can help so much any beginner BJJ student so fare in his or her jiu-jitsu learning.

Best Brazilian jiu jitsu books

Brazilian jiu jitsu books are going to help you so far on improving and understanding well your BJJ martial arts. It’s a fascinating thing that will Level up your game by understanding in depth the concepts and history.

Cheapest Lightweight Gi BJJ

Start training Brazilian jiu jitsu is going to be one of your best decisions that you will never regret. Therefore, you have to buy a good Gi like the lightweight gi to start training BJJ within the Gi.

Waiver | Ninja Warrior Sydney

Ninja Warrior Sydney has an entertaining way to keep everybody fit. Open for everyone, the courses are made for kids and adults alike. These courses boost physical, mental, and social skills.

School Program | Dos Taekwondo

DOS TAEKWONDO Club offers the perfect balance of safety, discipline, fitness, and fun in all of our class programs. Visit us online today!

Jiu-Jitsu submissions you should know

You need a plethora of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu submissions at hand, for the purpose to become a tough fighter. There are different submissions such as the body part lock (wristlock, shoulder lock, arm lock) and chokes. The good news is that all these submissions techniques lead to submit your opponent.

School Program - Taekwondo Sydney Australia

Dos Taekwondo promotes safe, enjoyable and progressive training environment. We encourage people to reach their full potential at their own pace. Training and learning taekwondo develops our body, emotions, way of thinking and behaviour.

Shrimping BJJ Step By Step: How To Shrimp?

Shrimping BJJ is one of the basic and essential Brazilian jiu-jitsu moves. Indeed, the BJJ shrimp is an awesome movement that helps you to manage distances to try to escape some bad positions in ground fighting.

Taekwondo Tournament | Join with DOS Taekwondo

DOS TAEKWONDO students have the opportunity to compete in regular local and national taekwondo tournament. Visit us online today!
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