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ICICI Lombard Health Insurance scheme covers the COVID-19 hospitalization expenses alongside room rent and daycare procedures. It is a type of health insurance scheme that even covers the cost of the Outpatient Department (OPD) and diagnostic test expenses too

Indian New Year Festivals

Indian Religious Festivals are the manifestations of Indianness, the outburst of religiosity through the associated revelry

Start your Graphic Designer Career Now | LearnAll

Work as a graphic designer for a required company or for yourself as self-employed where you can take multiple designing projects as per your convenience

Indian Temple Festivals

Indian temple festivals include Ratha Yatra, Pandharpur festivals, Brahmotsava festival, Cittirai Festival etc.

Culture of Karnataka

Culture of Karnataka is reflected in their art forms, majestic and colourful festivals, music, drama, and royal cuisine

The Future Of Ride-Hailing and Ride Sharing Busine

You are having an idea of Uber Clone App and we have the resources to make it into reality. You will definitely need an on-demand app development company partner

Dr. Hamilton Naki: Most Unique Story of the World

The illiterate surgeon of Cape Town, Mr. Hamilton Naki, who could not read nor write a single English word, who had never seen the face of school in his life, was awarded the honorary degree of Master of Medicine.

Modern approaches on material sciences

Lupine Publishers is one of the world’s largest open access publisher of peer-reviewed, fully peer reviewed journals. Launched with an intention of openness of original research publication,

Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets are usually known as Mithai. They diverge in tastes, aromas, shapes and colours. They are an indispensable part of Indian culture during auspicious occasions.

Singanallur Constituency

Chief Minister and AIADMK leader J Jayalalithaa appointed an Indian Institute Management, Ahmedabad graduate G Ramachandran as the new secretary of the IT wing of the party on Monday to spearhead the party’s online campaigning.
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