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Lenders Frequently Asked Questions (Lenders FAQs)

Get answers of frequently asked questions about investor's registration, investment, documentation, eligibility, lending process. Get in touch with us, if your queries are not answered here.

High Return Investment | Earn up to 36% Interest

India's leading peer to peer lending platform allowing easy and quick investment of Money online. Invest money online as a P2P private money lenders to earn returns as high as 36% on your investments. Lend money to creditworthy borrowers and earn monthly returns.

Borrower Frequently Asked Questions -Borrower FAQs

Get answers of frequently asked questions about personal loan application process, eligibility, documentation, borrower's registration, applicable fees and interest rates. Get in touch with us, if your queries are not answered here.

Instant Personal Loans | Borrow Money Online

Instant personal loan for Home Renovation, Credit Card Repayment, Medical Emergency, Wedding, Education & so on. Borrow Money Online by becoming a borrower, Get Personal Loan and Business Loan quick and easy online.

Energetic, Intelligent & Solid Founding Team | OML

OMLp2p has a very solid founding team with diverse and complementary backgrounds. We started our operations with 2 employees and now we have grown to more than 30 dedicated and hardworking employees in different functions.

Who We Are | OMLp2p - India's Leading Fintech in P

OMLP2P is a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) registered Non-Banking Financial Company - P2P Lending (NBFC-P2P). We enable creditworthy borrowers to lower their cost of loans and individual lenders/investors to lend directly to their peers and community thereby earning higher returns.

Personal Loan EMI calculator in India

Personal Loan EMI Calculator - Calculate your personal loan Equated Monthly Installment using OMLP2P EMI calculator. Learn basic concept of EMI calculation.

User Account | Create Account to Make & Save Money

Login to OMLp2p account by using registered email id and password. Investors can invest money from My Account. Borrowers can view their current loan status.

P2P Lender Register | OMLp2p

Register and become a p2p lender in OMLp2p. Invest money and get good ROI.

Borrower Registration | OMLp2p - Personal and Busi

Register and become a p2p borrower in OMLp2p and get personal loans at low interest*.
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